I’m half-german, half-filipino, and almost always hungry. I live in Germany, but have left pieces of my heart in England, China, Burma, and the Philippines.

With a mother who can cook the way my mum does, I didn’t have to do much of anything in the kitchen growing up except eat. I’d love to say that I was constantly peeking over her shoulder, learning her kitchen tricks and secrets, but that would hardly be the truth. I’m much more an eater than a cooker. But I do love cooking with my mum, spending hours rolling spring rolls or forming empanadas, talking, gossiping, and telling stories. She would say that cooking together removed the need for therapists. And there is always something tasty to eat afterwards.

I love the stories that come from cooking and eating food. The memories it conjures up. The people it brings together. Everyone has food stories to tell. These are mine.